Planting strawberry plants
Best Buddies
Busy working with my friends

The Maze
Concentrating while i balance
Another way to practise my letter formation

''outside to inside, outside to inside''
Krispie cakes
It's our birthday we get to make krispie cakes for everyone

Flower arranging
Alt text
'pouring water for my flower arrangment'
number work
Alt text
matching quantity with symbol

Balance Beam
Alt text
exercise on a rainy day
Alt text
'The Tree'

Chinese New Year
Alt text
Dressing up in Chinese costumes
Using Chopsticks
Alt text
Trying out chinese food-a bit tricky

Fun in the garden
Alt text
outdoor painting
A Trip to the Park
Alt text
''Jump On''

Alt text
'some of our Easter bonnets'
Alt text
Decorating Our Easter Cakes